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Top Ways Our Software Helps Your Business

It’s never been more important or easy to actively manage your business reputation online. With businesses seeking to recover customers and market share following the COVID-19 pandemic, start winning more online ratings and reviews.

Get many more positive reviews.

Help people find your business.

Manage your brand image online.

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No technical experience needed.

We setup and configure our reputation management software for you. You and your team don’t need much to access beyond internet access and a web browser.

To help expedite the process, we ask you some key questions about your business to understand your needs and where to best focus attention for your business. And, we work with you ongoing to monitor your reputation and your competitors too.

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Actively track your reputation.

Find review websites where your customers are leaving ratings and comments about your business, and more importantly, find where your competitor’s customers are browsing so you can go after their business.

You will fix many issues before they’re problems and you can monitor your progress in real time via web app and get a monthly update on the progression of your business reputation performance.

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Works with any open review site.

Beyond major search engines and social media channels, each business has a bevy of specialty review websites unique to their industry that matters.

For example, Edmunds and CarGurus for auto dealers, Avvo and FindLaw for attorneys, Healthgrades and RateMDs for doctors, BookingGurus and TripAdvisors for travel, etc.

Our software can capitalize on and leverage all these sites and more. 

Simple & Easy for Customers & Businesses

It’s critical your customers leave ratings and reviews directly with third-party websites using their unique devices: not a shared device. We make this easy. Enjoy another cup of java.

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Integrate with 1,500+ APIs easily using Zapier.

By way of application programming interface (API), our software integrates with many standard point of sale (POS) systems to automatically send customers notices and ask for their reviews and ratings.

Web API software like Zapier can be easily used to connect the back office business applications your team uses to contact customers.

So, you can use QuickBooks, Stripe, Square, PayPal, or whatever software your business uses at checkout to start the process of contacting your customers to ask for feedback. 

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Add a QR code to marketing materials and receipts.

A quick response (QR) code can be provided to add to various marketing materials (menus, table cards, anywhere where customers might use their mobile phone) to easily give customers an interactive hyperlink.

With most customers owning a mobile phone, it’s as simple as telling a customer they can point their live camera (as if taking a photo) at the image, and regardless of whether they’re using iOS or Android, they will be taken directly to a web form to leave comments.

Wes can help make your QR code an attractive piece of art that adds visual interest and reflects your business brand.


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Use a traditional hyperlink or shortlink for other marketing.

We can provide a hyperlink that corresponds with your business review QR code. This is helpful to add to your other marketing templates, including your email, web, and social channels.

If desirable, we can help you further brand the link your customers will use to rate and review your business using our custom universal resource locator (URL) shortlink domain generator.

Letting your customers know your business values their input and feedback in different ways in different places is key component to getting positive rankings and remarks.

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The Magic of a Feedback Loop isn’t Hocus Pocus

When you instill the value of soliciting customer feedback into your business, and you ask customers for their reviews and ratings at the right time, you’ll be amazed by their insight and the results their credibility lends your business.

A WiFi access point.

Think about all your touch points and try to point customers there.

Do you offer customers free WiFi at your location? You may be able to start the process of soliciting customers for their feedback at your internet access point.

In whatever way though is logical/logistical, your business should begin instilling the value of garnering customer feedback as early as possible with your audiences, and in as many ways and forms as possible.

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Prioritize how to make contact and when to ask for reviews.

Timing is half of success in life, and our software can help you maximize positive feedback from customers by delaying lead time from when a sale is made to asking for their review.

Timing will differ for each industry, and that’s one key reason Wes wants to help you configure the software to start from a good point and only get better and more savvy in how you glean ratings and reviews.


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Internalize any feedback that's not great; push only good stuff.

If there’s any magic to how our software works, it’s in that we work effectively to gate any customer remarks that are less than stellar, and then delegate those back to your business management team for attention and  corrective action.

We can follow-up automatically, to provide reviewers who give less than a 4-star rating more immediate attention to keep them from venting on review sites.


Don’t Undervalue Great Customer Reviews

Given the amount of choices and options consumers have, a great customer review is worth every penny as a placed ad or a tip in the jar at the counter. It’s money in the bank.

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Your branding is extended and represented by our software.

Emails and texts can be customized to meet your business voice and style.

We can help you build true brand loyalty by automatically thanking those customers who leave great reviews, and working to quickly address concerns and issues of any customer who didn’t leave a great review.

Beyond this, your business can further increase loyalty by extending repeat customers a special message or offer.

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Guide your customers through a successful buying journey.

Timing is half of success in life, and our software can help you maximize positive feedback from customers by delaying lead time from when a sale is made to asking for their review.

Timing will differ for each industry, and that’s one key reason Wes wants to help you configure the software to start from a good point and only get better and more savvy in how you glean ratings and reviews.


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Establish brand trust and loyalty to dominate your competition.

Real brand trust and loyalty isn’t any gimmick. It’s genuine and authentic.

Beyond everything else though, we can also have the system send loyalty messages to customers after  every certain number of interactions.

This is a perfect opportunity to offer a great coupon or special deal to thank your best customers. Alternatively, we can explore ways to build loyalty similar to a buying card to offer a reward too.