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Get professional help from a reputable marketing and communications technologist.

When you need someone who you can trust to complete a project on time and on budget, Wes Nugent consistently provides value and delivers results.

No Commitment, No Hassle

Wes can help you quickly determine whether your technology goals are realistic and feasible.

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Contests & Gamification

Engage and interact with customers in fun, new ways: online and in person. Extend your brand in memorable ways that can go viral.

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Reputation Management

Get more customers to leave positive reviews on search engines, social media, and review websites. Internalize bad reviews and fix issues.

Ad Impressions.

Targeted Web IP Advertising

Target only customers you want to reach, and display web ads in their homes or businesses outside of social media on websites they use.

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SMS & MMS 2-Way Texting

Build text message lists that engage and convert customers to buyers with coupons that expire, contests/polls, and more.

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Ecommerce & Online Sales

Whatever your business, post-COVID, you may be missing out on 20-150% revenue growth if you’re not accepting customer payments online.

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Google My Business

If your Google details, ratings and reviews aren’t good and current, customers may skip your business and never see your website or deals.

Google Page Ranking.

Google Page Ranking

Get your website ranked. Grow your organic (and paid) Google page ranking using strategy and tactics that are appropriate for your local niche and potential customers.

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Google Search Console

Ensure web analyics tools and reports effecitvely measure your website, so you can fix issues, and boost your search ranking and conversion rate.

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Google Analytics

With so many free web analytics tools and options, it can be a challenge to determine whether to use the most ubiquitous web analytics tool or something else.

A graphic of a Web browser featuring the Google Adwords logo.

Google Adwords

Advertise on the web’s most powerful search engine and dominate competitor keywords, but don’t ignore other search engines and unique online places outside social media.

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Google Adsense

In sections of your website where you freely give away content, consider diversifying your income and generating revenues by allowing ads.

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Domain Name Management

When you don’t want to worry about managing a portfolio of digital assets, use someone you can trust to get the best price and technical results.

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Web Host Optimization

When you need help getting more value and performance out of your web host, use someone who can work with your required framework.

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Your business can no longer afford to not include an SSL certificate. Ensure confidence with customers via end-to-end data encryption.

Wes Nugent survived the browser wars to and knows responsive web design as shown by browsers on different devices.

Website Development & Management

Web experience management matters. Responsive web design where your site resizes to fit web browsers on a range of devices is what audiences expect.

A graphic of a web browser on a tablet with a person in a wheelchair and a textbox with a checkmark indicating good accessibility.

Accessibility Remediation

Accessibility should be a forethought in offerings: When your businesss is inclusive in design and operations, you will enjoy more customers.

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