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Reviews & Search Engine Ranking are Keys to Online Reputation Management

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Top Winning Reasons to Use Our Software

Get multiple benefits from one simple web app at a lower cost than others.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) work on your website can cost hundreds of dollars alone with hourly rates going for upwards of $200 and project rates that often start at $3,000 for similar search and reputation management work.

Our software automatically manages critical aspects of your search engine positioning: namely, by overwhelming your competitors with great customer reviews on whatever review websites you want them placed.

Wes Nugent will install the software and show you how easy it is to use to regularly get more positive customer reviews on an ongoing basis. And, if you need other specialized communications and marketing services, a value-added hourly rate is available to you to work on implementing and achieving your vision.

Customer reviews get placed where they will most help your business.

Positive three-star customer feedback.Ask yourself, when you’re preparing to buy something or you travel somewhere, how do you get information about where to buy products and services? When you crowdsource Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc., for what other customers have said, will you even to visit a business website that has less than a certain rating?

The reality is we all search to glean insight from real customers. Our software helps your business prioritize where to automatically place your great customers reviews you get when we put a process in place to ask for their feedback.

Wes Nugent will work with you to audit your current rankings and the software will report back on where your competitors customers are placing reviews, so we can start ranking your business there and dominate any competition.

After we create a positive feedback loop, anything that’s less than great will receive an automated response and have that feedback routed back to your business for correction and any additional response you may want to provide.

All your great customer feedback will be placed on whatever review site most benefits from positive customer feedback at that time, and once your score and ranking hit whatever baseline level we define, the software will go to the next most important place to share great reviews and ratings.

Go beyond just your business name to rank for other searches.

An infographic of a location icon on a tablet browser.The geolocation-based “near me” search first trend is here to stay. Think about it, you’re traveling somewhere and need a prescription filled, how do you find local pharmacies, and specifically the one you want to use: You search first, and not necessarily the local chamber of commerce site (especially if you don’t know the local area.)

If customers don’t know your business name, or your business offerings are varied and you can segment and target customers in different ways, it’s important your business ranks on other related searches to capitalize upon those less visible opportunities.

Beyond just searches that use “near me” though, other related searches show customer affinity and satisfaction, like “best of” and “top” as well as other trustworthy adjectives and having lots of recent positive customer reviews are critical to these searches.

Enable your customers to give you a competitive business advantage.

An infographic of a competitive chart.When your customers leave comments on major review websites, whatever those are specific to your industry, what they also do is help provide you with extra emphasis about content you may or may not have on your own website.

For example, if you provide home renovation services but specialize as an electrician, let your customers toot your horn and tell others that you are excellent at electrical work for kitchen/bath/outdoor renovations, specifically placing new lighting and outlets.

Or maybe, maybe your business is an electrical company that specializes in HVAC systems, your customers’ comments can help direct business to your website and cash register.

Monitor your competition and place reviews where they most help you.

An infographic of an eyeball on a computer browser.We scrape your competitors to find websites where reviews are being left. We’ll then get your customers to start placing your best reviews on those websites until we satisfactorily boost your score. Organically, your search engine ranking will rise and more customers will visit.

If you were a car dealer for example, you might already know about your customer reviews on certain websites, like Google, Facebook, Cars, Yelo, BBB, DealerRater, and Edmunds, but are there other sites your local customers are leaving feedback on that you use to further boost your position and get more customers, like CarWise, GarGurus, and YellowPages, just to name a few.

Even if you’ve been in business for many years and have an established customer base, no business wants to allow their competitor pull in more new customers than you can otherwise achieve by ignoring the impact of positive customer reviews to promote your brand.

Use great customer reviews to extend your brand and boast your success.

An infographic of a bullhorn on a message icon.Whether you use your positive customer reviews to win you one of those cool, local “top of” or “best rated” business award designations, or you reference your hundreds of 5-star reviews as part of your advertising content, your business must leverage customer feedback.

Far too often what we experience is that a business may know and value customer feedback, but not use it to their competitive business advantage. Most likely, the existing customer relationship management system doesn’t have the capacity to push positive reviews where they most help, and just focus on keeping the less than stellar reviews in-house.

Businesses with only a few bad reviews or in tough service areas benefit.

An infographic of a star icon on a computer browser.Google reportedly values customer reviews up to 15% in determining search positioning. If your business has just a few bad reviews, or your business area is in a tough, challenging service industry, you could greatly benefit from using our software.

Industries like airlines and taxis, bail bonds, cable television, government, health insurance, internet service providers, loan servicing, towing, government, and wireless phone companies are highly competitive and a boost in reviews and ratings will benefit the bottom line.

Maybe your business is just starting, like a new bar, restaurant, or retailer, can you afford the negative impact that bad word of mouth can have on those initial days and weeks when trust is so essential to establishing a new customer base?

Good reputation management is a proactive, customer feedback loop.

An infographic of agile process with a star and a loop around it.Don’t wait until your business is in crisis mode, and you’re up late at night trying to hide, scrub or respond to bad comments. Your business likely won’t please every customer, but you don’t can’t afford to let negative feedback affect your bottom line.

By creating a positive customer feedback loop, your business will satisfy managing expectations in a way that allows for you to improve your business processes. Most importantly, you’ll sink any negative reviews or rankings that may land online fast by overwhelming force of more recent, positive comments and ratings. This will show potential customers your business is real, and transparent.

The basis of the feedback loop starts with asking customers, at the right time, for their feedback, and then taking action. That starts by adding our software to your process, integrating with your point-of-sale system or one of more than 1,500 application programming interfaces (APIs), or generating a QR code, or link and sharing that: at the bar, or in your barbers chair, on the menu, on the receipt, after checkout, via email and text, if preferable.

From there, any great ratings with positive comments get pushed straight to the web. One unique selling point we offer is that we only internalize bad ratings and reviews, otherwise your customers help lift your business by directly placing comments on third-party websites wherever your business values and can most leverage their feedback.

Organic word of mouth ratings/reviews enable winning paid ad campaigns.

An infographic of social connections.Beyond your business being able to cite the high quantity of positive customer ratings and reviews as part of ads and marketing material, your customers reviews and remarks are worth a lot in monetary terms.

In this economy, a great customer review placed strategically online is worth every bit as much in terms of value as an awesome tip at the register.

The many, positive experiences reported online  underpin any advertising and marketing campaigns by giving potential customers a real sense of your business before they ever visit your website or step foot through your door.

When potential customers see your ads and marketing materials then compare the reviews online before they purchase, your business will be seen as genuine and authentic: because it is real and the comments are.

Focus on what matters most to your business while getting tons of reviews.

An infographic of the face of a loyal customer on a shopping bag with three stars.

Our software is fast to setup and integrate with most business processes, and a simple web portal makes it easy for you or key staff to manage and get more high quality reviews and ratings.

We help you focus on the great aspects of your business and win more customers so you can increase your standing and make more money.

Find and attract new customers in niche, target areas at a lower total cost.

An infographic of a person inside a key.Be the first to stand out in search engine rankings within competitive markets by leveraging your positive customer ratings and remarks to rank with new audiences. By our software automating the process, you’ll find it’s easier to rank using keywords your customers use when thinking about your services and products.

When people trust your business, they decide to become new customers. In today’s competitive environment, no business can afford to pass up opportunities to organically reach new customers at fractions of paid advertising costs that support and underpin authenticity in marketing campaigns.

The most expensive audience to reach are new customers who don’t know your business and only have your marketing materials as well as ratings and reviews to refer to when they make their buying decision.

Every business can benefit from getting more high quality interactions.

An infographic of an interaction of four people in a network connected by a star.

Is there any business that doesn’t benefit from customer reviews with outstanding marks? Retirement homes and funeral homes can also benefit and shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

Asking for customer feedback is sadly too often overlooked. It doesn’t hurt if your culture and processes are already oriented in that manner, but we can help you create and instill that positive feedback loop.

In reality, getting great ratings and reviews with your customers is all a matter of timing and context. We help you determine and tweak the right timing and process for your business industry and customer base.

If you’re an auto mechanic, you want to know soon after customers leave to ensure everything is operating as expected. Conversely, if you sell something like mattresses, you don’t want to ask for feedback the next day, it’s appropriate to reach out after a period of time.

There's no downside or risk to letting us prove our software to you.

An infographic of a free sample indicated by a pitcher and cups.

We’re confident our software will pay for itself multiple times over by getting your business more high quality ratings and reviews. And, as a marketing and advertising expense, you can claim the cost as a tax deduction.

In fact, we so confident you’ll love our software that we offer a money back guarantee that allows you to keep any reviews you get.

We’ll never hassle you and your privacy and security are among our top priorities.